Spark Remote Control via Python

Remotely control Spark using Python and the Spark RCI:

Spark User Manual

Here you can download the Spark user manual:

Spark User Manual v1.0

Presentation on Low-Cost SDR Setup using Spark

Please download the presentation with the title A Professional but yet Low-Cost Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Field-Test Setup for DRM+, DRM30, FM and AM given at the Deutsches DRM Forum in June 2010.

Presentation on Low-cost SDR Setup

Spark Native Device Interface (NDI)

The Spark native device interface allows you to access your PCM devices for audio input and RF output from within Spark as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1 Spark NDI to interface your hardware or software.

Source Code - Spark Native Device Library (Linux/Windows)

The developer manual depicts the architecture of the I/O interface. Please refer to the following document for the development of your I/O library:

Developer Manual - Spark Native Device Interface v1.1

Video Tutorials

I) The following tutorial briefly explains the user interface of Spark:

II) The following video shows how to set-up a basic DRM transmission with Spark:

III) This video shows how to create an MDI transmission with Spark:

MOT Broadcast Website

In order to test the MOT broadcast website functionality in Spark you can download an example website here:
MOT-BCWS Example

Please refer to the Spark user manual if you experience problems importing the website files.

Online Support Form

Having trouble with the application? Please send us a brief description of the problem and we will reply to your message as soon as possible. The problem description should include a description of your platform, i.e OS, CPU, RAM, Mainboard, etc..

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